Masoor Whole
(500 Gram)




Masoor Whole <br>(500 Gram)

Health Benefits:

Black masoor dal is loaded with dietary fiber and iron. ½ cup (100 grams) of lentils satisfy about 25% of daily fiber requirement and more than 35% of daily iron requirement. Masoor Whole <br>(500 Gram).


False: Lentils contain incomplete protein but they can be made complete by sprouting. ½ a cup of sprouted lentils can provide fairly good amounts of protein.

1) Reduces Risk of Cancer:

In fact all the lentils along with the red lentils are associated for reducing the risk of cancer. The anti-cancer properties of the Masoor Dal are due to the high content of fiber and folate in its composition.

When the red lentils are consumed on a daily basis, this can reduce the risk of several types of cancer including breast, colon, lung and bowel cancer.

2) High Protein Content:

The red lentils are loaded with protein content. This calls for fuller stomach once you consume them. You would not feel the urge to eat any junk food items after having a bowl full of the “Masoor Dal”. Therefore, you can achieve the desired weight loss with minimum efforts.

3) Rich in Minerals:

As it is already seen that the red lentils are rich sources of the essential minerals like Potassium and Iron. Due to this fact, the red lentils are highly beneficial for several health issues and can prevent the occurrence of any major health ailment when consumed on a daily basis.

4) Rich Source of Dietary Fiber:  Masoor Whole <br>(500 Gram)

The presence of dietary fiber along with other nutrients like Vitamin B1, Folate and 0 Fat; you can expect receiving an effective weight loss therapy without any efforts and costs. Just a bowl of Masoor Dal each day and you are done with your weight loss treatment in no time at all!