Moong Dal Split
(500 Gram)




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Mung beans are popularly known as green grams. However, they are also famous with various other names like golden gram and Moong beans. Mung beans, native to Asia, Europe and the US, are used for a variety of purposes. There are many benefits of mung beans, apart from being a famous main-course dish in India to being a part of many a skin care regimens.

Benefits Of Mung Beans

We have made a list of top 20 health benefits of mung beans for which you should look up to:

1. Anti-Aging Benefits:
Mung bean is a powerful anti-aging agent. Copper, the secret behind mung bean’s anti-aging property, reduces the presence of wrinkles, age spots and age lines from the skin easily. Its regular usage can make you look 10 years younger than your original age. Ageing seems as a matter of concern for women who love their skin, hair and nails. If you love your youthful look, you must switch to some mouth-tempting mung beans breakfast recipe for sure.

2. Provides Radiance:
Yes, this popular cuisine is the god of all food items. It adds shine and radiance to human skin. The presence of copper increases its use in various face packs and face creams. Using mung bean as a scrub is also a good option. It is very easy to make a natural exfoliating face pack using mung beans at home.

How To Make Mung Bean Natural Face Pack?
Grind mung beans to form fine powder.
Add lukewarm water to the powder to make a paste.
Apply the paste on your face and leave to dry for 10 minutes.
Scrub for next 10 minutes.

At the end, you will be left with cleaner and reduced pores. This deep exfoliating face scrub is an ultimate killer of tan, blackheads, excessive oil and unnatural glare. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best natural scrubs you can use to make your skin radiant!